Every day will be available on my site, an updated XmlTv file.

The XmlTv file is a file very used by many programs which takes the tv program of all the channels of the world, many programs use it to make electronic guides, etc...

In my case, I created a tool that allows me to have an updated XmlTv file containing only the French channels. No need to ask me to create a tool for other channels, I don't have time for that.

From today you can download it here: https://digital3d.com/guide.xml.gz

It is compressed in GZIP format, just decompress it with 7zip or Winrar.

Be careful, for the moment, it's public but you'll have to register on my site and use an API key (which is under your account) to download the file, I'll keep you informed in this same page.

Have a good download !